My PopHorror Reviews And Articles – Part 3 

Ok, here’s part 3 of my PopHorror articles and reviews! 

21. 13 Cameras (2015) – Movie Review

22. The Silence Of The Lambs Turns 26!

23. Capture Kill Release Gets A Release Date!

24. Women In Horror Month: PopHorror Pays Tribute To Danielle Harris

25. Donnie Darko Is Returning To Theaters!

26. Paranoia Tapes (2015) – Movie Review

27. “Horror, And Blood, And Death, Oh My!” The Wizard Of Oz Is Getting The Horror Treatment!

28. Top 10 Shocking Animal Deaths In Horror Films

29. Rob Zombie’s ’31’ Documentary Is Available On iTunes!

30. Official Trailer For ‘One Of Us’ – A New Terrifying Cult Story Is Coming Soon!

Part 4 will be posted soon! 


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