My PopHorror Reviews And Articles – Part 4 

Ok, here’s part 4 of my PopHorror Reviews And Articles! 

31. The Howling Turns 36! – Retro Review

32. Ghost Team (2016) – Movie Review

33. Blumhouse’s Upcoming Horror Film, Truth Or Dare Stars Lucy Hale Of Pretty Little Liars

34. PopHorror’s Top 5 Masters Of Horror Episode

35. Sendero (2015) – Movie Review

36. Remembering Hatchet 11 Years Later! – Retro Review

37. Step Into Chupacabra Territory On April 11th!

38. Paying Tribute To Evil Dead (2013) – Retro Review

39. Midnight Releasing Debuts New Musical Horror Comedy, Teenage Ghost Punk!

40. Chupacabra Territory (2016) – Movie Review

Part 5 will be posted soon! 


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